About Us


Entra Health is an international provider of connected blood glucose meters focused on enabling clinical trials and remote patient monitoring organizations to remotely collect, transmit and monitor blood glucose.

Entra health has a decade of expertise understanding clinical trial and connected health solution provider needs and supporting diabetes global clinical studies. Entra Health is a pioneer in the industry, bringing to market MyGlucoHealth®, the first Bluetooth® connected blood glucose meter, and the BLE Smart™ connected blood glucose meter. The company provides a wide service support network for regulatory, quality, clinical trial and remote patient monitoring platform integration, logistics, customer support and training. Since its foundation in 2007, Entra Health is a market leader in supplying wireless glucose monitoring for diabetes-related clinical studies

Why Entra?


Experienced Manufacturer for Provider

Entra Health develops and manufactures the MyGlucoHealth® wireless glucose meter product line, which has become the de facto standard for clinical research, in addition to providing the BLE Smart™ blood glucose meter for clinical trials and connected healthcare providers.

Full Developer Access

Entra Health provides developers of remote patient monitoring solutions and clinical trial technologies full access to a comprehensive SDK to enable full solution connectivity with our blood glucose meter systems.

Early Innovator

Entra Health has nearly a decade of growth and profitability. We are an early innovator in digital health, remote patient monitoring and telemedicine.

The MyGlucoHealth range was the first Bluetooth connected blood glucose meter and radically changed the way patients can be monitored in clinical trials and by health care solution providers. Both the MyGlucoHealth® and BLE Smart™ blood glucose meters have unique features that support clinical studies and are adaptable to each study needs.

Worldwide Regulatory Expertise and Approvals

Entra Health has been supplying its devices to over 50 countries worldwide, using its extensive international logistics capabilities and knowledge.